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During the days after the Land Run,
fresh, clean water was a problem
for the towns and rural communities.
in the Territory.

City records show that while Guthrie
was still only a city full of tents,
$545,500 was spent to acquire an
adequate water supply.

Wells were drilled and water was
carried in buckets from Cottonwood
Creek. In 1891 a $50,000 bond issue
was passed to create an actual
water system.

Over the years, many bond issues
were passed, wells were dug,
improvements were made and some
projects failed.

In 1920 the current source of water
was completed. Today, Lake Guthrie is
still in use today as the water supply
for the city. Residents surrounding
the beautiful lake enjoy fishing,
boating, eagles and ducks.
A state of the art water treatment
plant was completed in the 2000's.
In conjunction with the City of
Guthrie, and with a sizeable
grant, LCHS began restoration of
the original Water Works Building
north of the water treatment plant
just south of Mineral Wells Park.

It is a work in progress with
interior objectives yet to be
finished but the charming little
red building surrounded by apple
trees is a delightful reminder of
Guthrie's past.
The WPA Pump House was
built southwest of Guthrie.
It was used to pump water
from the lake to the water
filtration plant. It cost 47,605
of WPA funds including the
pump. The Pump House is
among the Lost sites in
Logan County.