W E S T   G U T H R I E
Located on Guthrie's west side,
Camp Winters was built in 1935 by
the WPA to accommodate housing
for boys to help conduct soil
conservation work in the area.
It was named for Dr. Winters,
Regional Director of the Soil
Conservation Service in Stillwater
and was constructed on land
leased to the City of Guthrie by
W. R. Welch.

Building sections arrived by train
and foundations were dug for 12
It took 8-10 union carpenters, and at least 40 unskilled workers along with local plumbers
and electrical contractors 3-4 weeks to set up the camp. Camp winters included 5 barracks,
a mess hall and kitchen, a general headquarters building, a supply house, officer's house,
latrine and an infirmary. It was located between West Oklahoma and SW 19th Street at a cost
of $22,000.
The WPA sponsored 430 sewing
rooms across Oklahoma, Three
were located in Logan County in
Guthrie, Langston and Crescent.
In Guthrie, the room was located
in the old City Hall and employed
over 100 women.

The purpose of these sewing
rooms was to provide job training
fro women while they produced
garments and household goods
provided free to those in need.
In 1940, Stillwater's NYA machine shop was relocated to Guthrie.The machine shop was
used to build and maintain county school and city furnishings. It was located in a city
owned building and employed 100 youths while teaching them job skills. By the time it
held an "open house" in 1940, it had already produced 275 bed frames, 323 chairs and
40 special chairs for the bomber squadron in Oklahoma City.

It is located at 312 W. Harrison. The Judge Dale House on Guthrie's west side was used
as a residence for the youth workers.
The Guthrie Viaduct was a project of the WPA. It was built to prevent travelers from
having to wait for trains to pass and to arch over Cottonwood Creek. The original
double deck bridge was 1088 feet long and cost $133,260. It ran from 2nd Street and
stopped short of 5th Street providing access on State Hwy 33. In 2018, a new and
much longer bridge has taken its place. Construction is still underway.